Continuous software development


How we provide development teams

  • you can manage the team, or we can do it for you
  • you can choose specific colleagues, or we can recommend a team that meets the needs of the project
  • we will use your tools (from GIT to project management) or set up and use our own

In short, we are always ready to work to your satisfaction while meeting high standards of development.

What outsourcing developers can address

We are not afraid to take over the development of a project in progress or to complement the current development or IT department. And as with regular custom software development, we cover the entire development cycle from analysis through programming to management of the completed web (or other) application. See how we do it. This is how we like to develop or help you develop e-commerce platforms, internal information systems, corporate portals or any other form of software.


5 main advantages of leasing virtual teams

  • acceptance or completion of software development within deadlines which we guarantee
  • complete solution for HR development teams and developer interchangeability (we find, develop and motivate fellow developers)
  • software project management that meets the needs of your project and current trends
  • clear and transparent cash flow planning of the software project
  • efficient development and sharing of know-how across the development team (with one team you get the know-how of Eluvia in its entirety)
Petr Kašák

Whenever you choose to buy something in your life, what has some importance for you, price is just one of the criteria. In all important decisions, you compare the price-performance ratio.

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