Continuous development


And because we are used to our Eluvian climate, we provide service directly from the environment of Eluvia. There we feel safest and do the best work and optimal performance.

At the same time, however, we are convinced that personal contact is important and that a personal meeting can´t be replaced by anything else. For each project, an Eluvian ambassador is at your disposal, who will discuss anything with you personally and is always available for you.

We are not afraid to take over the development of the project in progress or to supplement the current development or IT department. And as with regular custom software development, we cover the entire phase of the development cycle from analysis through programming to the management of a completed web (or other) application. See how we do it. In this way, we will be happy to develop or help you develop e-commerce platforms, internal information systems, corporate portals or any other form of software.

Whether we call it individual software development, custom made software, custom software development or whatever, we are here for you. And it doesn't matter if we together develop software for startups or program a corporate application of an established company. We have experience in all areas.


5 benefits of team lease

  • taking over or completing software development within the terms, we guarantee
  • complete solutions for HR development teams and developer substitutability (we look for, develop and motivate developer colleagues)
  • software project management corresponding to the needs of your project and current trends
  • clear and transparent cash flow planning of a software project
  • effective development and sharing of know-how across the development team (with one team you get the know-how of the whole Eluvia)
Petr Kašák

Whenever you choose to buy something in your life, what has some importance for you, price is just one of the criteria. In all important decisions, you compare the price-performance ratio.