If a perfect machine is to be created, every part must be perfectly crafted

When we talk about our work, the saying that the journey is the destination is 100% true. We love the collective journey across Eluvia, fulfilling our vision of an automated software workshop, which we are still honing to perfection.

But at no point do we forget that the result is what matters. A result delivered on time and at the cost we promised in advance. That’s why we put an emphasis on time-keeping, budgeting and regular reporting.

In more than one case, we have been awarded a software development contract that another supplier has failed to complete. We have always been able to take over and see it through to a successful conclusion.

Our autonomous processes and tools, operated by dedicated professionals, help us on the way to the result.


Our quality of results is ensured chiefly by:

  • project planning and control
  • standards and processes
  • testing
  • code review
  • automated application of code quality standards
  • monitoring the running of the deployed application