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Our history

Sight into history (& prehistory) of Eluvia

It all started with one big mess and actually completely by accident. In a company that had nothing to do with programming. And one of the main initiators was not an IT guy, but a lawyer. It sounds like the beginning of a joke, but that's exactly what really happened.

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Key milestones

August 2010

SparkTECH is created, at that time, just a name for a joint project of two enthusiasts who do everything from websites to RSS tabloid readers.

May 2011

We are establishing a company to formalize and unify the growing brand.


We are leaving the shared spaces ofPrague HUB to our first own office, at that time one room in an apartment building.


We are completing the project of our own web hosting server and we are migrating our infrastructure to the cloud. We try several solutions, but in the end we choose Amazon Web Services, which we have stayed with to this day.

The idea for PickTime, a general reservation system, is born.


We are launching Networkuj platform as our first own project. On the threshold of 2014 and 2015, we are moving to the offices in Mercuria building in Prague's Holešovice, and for the first time we have a reception.


We are launching PickTime, which will soon change to a kindergartens’ management system (it will find it’s potential especially for forest kindergartens).


The year 2016 is marked by a change in the structure of clients - for the first time we looked into the industry and for the first time we acquired a client from abroad. We created a voice-recognition software or a control tool of production lines in a production hall.


Networkuj is being redesigned and its purpose is changing. In this context, we rebrand it to Eventito and start promoting it as an event management system.

We are acquiring the first client from the field of automotive. This is an international project, which we are rescuing from previous suppliers and gradually supplying, in addition to development and infrastructure management (in this case, including server virtualization, etc.)


We are connecting with Clockstar and selling PickTime.


We are aware that SparkTECH on the threshold of 2020 is no longer SparkTECH from 2010 and shortly before Christmas 2019 we are starting the rebranding process.


We are successfully completing a pilot project for a Swiss client and SparkTECH is becoming Eluvia.

Our team

The quality of software stands and falls with the quality of the team that develops it. That is why we take care of the personal staff of the planet Eluvia with special care. We work on ourselves, cultivate friendly relationships and give everyone space to show their individuality. Each of us is different. But we are all united by the desire to bring every project to a successful goal. And each of us contributes to the fulfillment of this goal in our unique way - whether it is Mára, Johnny, Radka, Kuba, Matěj, Anička, Jarda, another Kuba, Honza, Michael, Tomáš, Petr or other colleagues from the narrower and wider cadre of Eluvia .

For example, Mára loves softball and, just like in sports, in Eluvia he wants to overcome all problems, find out their essence and fight with them more easily and faster next time. Matěj will uncompromisingly kill anyone who would like to do something half-heartedly. Johnny leaves work with the shout "I'm brilliant", and if he doesn't come to that conclusion, he works regardless of whether it's a day, night, weekend or holiday. And so we could go on. We often hear from others that a visit to Eluvia is a pleasant experience. It may be due to the friendly and inspiring environment of our office or the level of coffee served. But we suspect that none of this is the key factor. That is the team.


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