What technologies do we use

In our software development, we work mainly in Python, Java, JavaScript, with the DevOps toolkit and other important technologies.



We have created Python backends and still operate many of our automotive clients, such as e-commerce solutions handling thousands of orders per day; event management, e.g. synchronization of thousands of calendar events per day across a large corporation; or finance, e.g. internet banking for the management of foreign currency (forex) accounts. We really like Python, which is why we use it in our own projects and internal applications, which make routine work easier for our developers on a daily basis.

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A younger member of the family of our backend languages is Java. We dare to say that the Java programming language is the industry standard in our field. Therefore, it would be very unwise for us to ignore it. Java is especially loved by more conservative developers, who have already got an object-oriented style of programming under their skin during the first hour in the kindergarten for gifted programmers. Like other languages that we like to use, Java has an extensive database of libraries, ideas and procedures that can be used to quickly and easily build our applications. It is a strongly typed and compiled language. Why is it important? Thanks to this, errors are significantly eliminated even when the program is lying on the programmer's desk. Before anyone runs it in a production environment.

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We used Ruby on Rails for the construction of various reservation systems, but above all for internal systems of the real estate client managing all internal processes, including critically important cash flow. We have also successfully combined the technology with other languages in the form of specialized microservices for sending e-mail messages and SMS.

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Not only by backend is an Eluvian alive. So we must not forget the frontend of our applications – the part of our work that the user sees, praises or criticizes first. We develop frontends in JavaScript or in its typed variant – TypeScript. JavaScript is everywhere these days. Again, it is the industry standard for frontend applications. Thanks to this, we can offer to our user a dynamic and responsive environment that will make it available for them to use all the functions of the web application.

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Infrastructure & DevOps

In the first step, it's Gitlab, or Github, which is a service where we store our source code.

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