How we do it


UX/UI design

It all starts at our UX designer’s desk. They will prepare a foundation for you based on the ideas of Human Centred Design. This means that the end user and their benefits are at the centre of this phase, which will help clarify the direction of the future project to make it successful with users.


Technical analysis

Technical analysis converts the needs identified in the previous phase into the language of the developers. It has three objectives:


  1. describe the project technically
  2. identify risks in advance
  3. clarify the project ideas in more detail


The complete technical analysis can then be used to decide whether to launch the project, as a basis for a tender or as a development assignment with any supplier.



Implementation means the programming itself. That is, creating a project according to the UX/UI design while following the rules of technical analysis. At this moment, the gears of our software factory are turning full speed and the final product is being created.

You can see what tools we use here.


Software project management

During implementation (programming) we apply elements of software project management – agile methodology, especially SCRUM

What this means for you:

  • delivery on time and at the price agreed in advance
  • keeping you informed about the project status
  • preventing problems before they arise

Deployment and DevOps

The goal of this phase is to launch the ready application into the real world. This is a task for our system engineers and their fine-tuned set of DevOps tools.

We use

  • cloud hosting services, for which
  • we virtualise the application environment and which
  • we orchestrate through Kubernetess

Administration (SLA)

Administration, or the Software level agreement is a service for those for whom running the application is a priority. It is a commitment to always respond to a problem within a pre-agreed time.

It ensures:

  • continuous modernisation of the application
  • avoiding technology debt
  • assurance of continuously available service