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Česká spořitelna

Česká spořitelna

„Eluvia provides us with Python application development and supports Google Cloud Platform.The cooperation went according to the agreement and it always went well. We have always been satisfied with both development and user support services, and we believe that this will be the case in the future.“

Petr Ott
Cloud management ČS
Česká spořitelna, a.s.
Inter Cars

Inter Cars

„At InterCars, our goal was to build an MVP e-shop on a microservice architecture for the CZ, SK countries and subsequently another 13 EU countries in a short time. That's why we also contacted developers from Eluvia to help us with that. Their main contribution at the beginning of the project was in the development and implementation of a global payment gateway and assistance in creating a back office interface for our call center. Based on their good work and adherence to agreed obligations, we have over time entrusted them with the complete development of all Java microservices. Thanks to them, we have managed to launch an eshop in record time and start selling to a new segment of customers. The cooperation with them was excellent and I can only recommend trying them.“

Martin Duda
Senior project manager at Inter Cars South International Group
Inter Cars S.A.

T-Mobile Czech Republic a.s.

For the innovative concept of the Magenta Experience Center, we were looking for a solution for event management and cooperation with our partners. Together with Eluvia (SparkTECH), we have developed the existing Eventito tool tailor made to our needs. And to such an extent that it was de facto a new software tool. They have adapted product development to our time requirements and so far they are implementing proactively other required functions. Flexibility is an important factor in such important projects, as well as a proactive approach in solving requirements , understanding the client's needs and proposing effective solutions.

Daniel Ondrůj / Lucie Bartošová
Head of Experience Centres / Event Specialist of Magenta Experience Center
T-Mobile Czech Republic a.s.


„An information system tailored to our needs helped us to solve the situation where we were forced into the electronic form to transfer part of the agenda for which we did not have an information system at that time. Eluvia's individual solution was an ideal choice.“

Radek Stavinoha
Company executive, EDUA Group s.r.o. (top vision, Caledonian School, Tutor)
EDUA Group s.r.o. (top vision, Caledonian School, Tutor)

Cyrrus FX

„CYRRUS FX, a.s. Secures currency conversions for its clients. Our services are used by large companies as well as individuals who need to exchange money within their bank, often paying foreign bills or accepting foreign currency payments. Besides the advantageous course, our promptness is also the speed of the operations performed and the above-standard services - such as a course attendant. In order to ensure these goals, it was necessary for us to offer our clients an electronic tool for tracking courses and making payments. This internet banking was developed for us by Eluvia s.r.o. And we have successfully used it for the second year to the satisfaction of both our clients and our clients. Thank you for that.“

Kamil Kricner
Head of Prague office
CYRRUS, a.s.

Auto Kelly

„The cooperation between my team and Eluvia lasted from June to November 2018 when we contracted out the capacity of two C ++ programmers. Cooperation worked seamlessly, without any problems . I appreciate the willingness to fulfill our wishes and tasks. I especially appreciate that the oral agreements were always in effect. There was no need for reminding the assigned tasks, all of them were done as agreed.“

Petr Veselý
ERP development manager
Auto Kelly
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