Individual software development


Steps of individual software development

  1. The key is to understand the problem, you are solving. That’s what business analysis is for. This can take the form of meetings, workshops, video conferences, etc.

  2. We will then prepare a technical analysis, that will describe the project in detail. We do the analysis so well that many clients ask for it as a separate product.

  3. Then we will let you know the price and deadline and get to work.

At the end you get a finished project that we will take proper care of. With us, you are sure to get a stable partner who will not abandon you. Because even applications require care.


Custom software development or individual development – it’s just a matter of terminology

Whether we call it individual software development, custom made software, complex customised software development or anything else, we are here for you. And it doesn’t matter if we develop software together for a start-up or program a corporate application for an established company. We have experience in all areas.

Petr Kašák

Whenever you choose to buy something in your life, what has some importance for you, price is just one of the criteria. In all important decisions, you compare the price-performance ratio.

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