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Forest Show

Jakub Štula

Although it is worse in the forest with an internet connection than in the city, the benefits of digitization need to be brought here as well. And because one of the applications we've just developed was designed for this environment, we went to see practical examples of working in the forest.

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Tomáš Bakalář

Working in a woods has always been hard work. A saw, torn hands, sweat on the face. Fortunately times have progressed, and nowadays  it is given that one cannot make one's work more efficient by some clever application. And we will look at one of these examples in today's article.

Marek Ostrihoň

Can a person become a programmer in a matter of months? It is not an easy way but in Eluvia we believe, that with enough dedication and good mentoring it is achievable.

Petr Kratochvíl

In Eluvia, we also like to share experiences from our travel journeys. I was really lucky to go to Ecuador in April for 1 month. When I  returned, I have presented photos and experiences from the trip to  my colleagues.

Petr Kašák

Whenever you choose to buy something in your life, what has some importance for you, price is just one of the criteria. In all important decisions, you compare the price-performance ratio.

Petr Kašák

In Eluvia we are currently preparing to explore new markets. And our guides advised us that it would be good to take professional photos of us, the Eluvians, for this purpose. And it wouldn't be us not to see it as a challenge and an opportunity for an interesting event.



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